Create, design and deploy the new Brand Identity and Packaging.

Coffee is colorful

Marie-Anne was looking to build a new brand identity to stand out from competitors in Canada's saturated coffee scene. The artistic tone of voice comes through strongly in its vibrant and colorful illustrations, and we had a blast designing them.​

The story behind

What makes a good coffee ? The taste, the smell... ? Well, of course these contribute to making a good coffee. But what would be coffee without the people behind, the soil and the trees ? The farmers, the lands, the artisans, and the baristas with all their cultures, knowledge, nature that make a good coffee. Whom without it would be just black coffee. Coffee is colorful. The philosophy of 'Cofi', is to provide us with the best coffee possible. It first opened in Montreal, and is now spreading all over Canada.

"After a long search, I was happy to find a design studio that had just the aesthetic I needed to develop the brand identity for my business. From the beginning to the end, working with Nassim the creative director was a complete delight. He was cordial, punctual, adaptable, open-minded, and—most importantly—extremely creative with an acute eye. I get many positive comments about the design packaging and am immensely pleased of it. I am confident that this crisp, modern identity will last as I develop and grow. I would STRONGLY recommend D&S design and their work."

Marie-Anne C., Cofi.

You made it to the end! Thank you.

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