Kanoun Restaurant

Developing an engaging brand identity for a unique neighborhood restaurant.

Food that gathers

The goal of Ava and Noah was to open a high-end neighborhood restaurant that was unique. based on a sense of belonging and togetherness that brings people together via food, and where if feasible, everything is cooked in-house using delicate handling of basic ingredients. To express their story and establish the essence of their brand, they required an engaging identity. We helped Kanoun stand out and firmly establish their status as a premier restaurant by deploying clever, warm, and engaging content.

The story behind

Kanoun is in fact a hollow terracotta pottery that Berber families in North Africa have used as a brazier since the dawn of time. It is also one of the central points of small Berber houses where families meet to talk and have a good time while waiting for the meal to cook, but also to warm up in winter.

"Collaborating with D&S was a delight since they listened to our story, looked into it, and turned it into a complete identity for our restaurant. Their process, which integrated narrative, artistic, and practical concerns at every level of the project, went above and beyond what we had anticipated and helped to clarify and broaden our initial concepts."

Noah G., Co-founder of Kanoun Restaurant.

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