Ouikeo is a platform for connecting individuals and car rental companies since 2019. Ouikeo offers individuals to rent vehicles (car or truck) for 1 dollar in order to travel or move between two cities, by repatriating vehicles from professional rental companies who often need to balance their fleets from one branch to another across Canada. A win-win solution.

Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Digital Design

The Challenge

Get a consistent look and clear message.
We did a deep dive workshop with Karim, the founder of Ouikeo to uncover more about their ideal client and the brand.
We learned about Ouikeo's mission. We learned that their ideal client is essentially a professional rental company willing to transfer regularly its fleet from a location to another.

The Goal

Helping these companies find persons willing to repatriate the vehicules in the form of a symbolic 1 dollar rent through the Ouikeo platform.

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